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New York City NY Home Permanent Hair Removal


Thanks to both advances in technology and miniaturization of hair removal devices, New York City NY hair removal at home is finally becoming accessible to individuals with depilator devices based on intense pulsed light or IPL technology.

New York City NY Advances in Technology

Several permanent hair removal devices exist. They provide long lasting depilation with professional results and are safe, painless and less expensive than beauty centers or medical offices in New York City NY.

New York City NY Home Permanent Hair Removal - Woman Legs New York City NY Home Permanent Hair Removal - Machine Equipment e One Lumea

However, since these devices are using the technology of intense pulsed light or strobe light, derived from that used in medical offices and beauty salons, make sure you have read the corresponding IPL depilation page as well as the tips below prior to using it at your home in New York City NY.

Is New York City NY Home Permanent Hair Removal the Right Treatment for me?

Also used in beauty salons in New York City NY, these new IPL hair removal devices are particularly effective on dark hair and white skin. However, they are not so effective on white hair, red, light blond and dark skin but they remain acceptable.

All areas of the body can be flashed such as legs, breast, chest, back, arms, underarms, hands, stomach, bikini, except the face.

Are There Warnings for New York City NY IPL Hair Removal Devices Use at Home?

To ensure safe operation, these devices should not be used on pregnant women, on varicose veins, scars, moles or tattoos. You should avoid sun exposure in New York City NY a few weeks before and after depilation sessions so your skin remains without unwanted long-lasting marks.

It is also important to know that between each hair removal session, the traditional hair removal techniques are prohibited; only the razor may be used.

How Much do Home Permanent Hair Removal Devices Cost in New York City NY?

Various devices exist in a variety of prices ranging from $250 to $850 in New York City NY depending on the model and options such as built-in skin tone sensor, flash rate, time for recharging…etc.

For example, one of the most used devices for both men and women in New York City NY is the FDA cleared and clinically proven Remington IPL6000 Hair Removal System.