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Shavers Hair Removal in Xinyi (Guangdong)


Whatever their motivation, both women and men in Xinyi (Guangdong) have been using shavers to remove unwanted hair. For those women and men, here is the lowdown on shavers hair removal methods available today.

How Does Shavers Hair Removal Work in Xinyi (Guangdong)?

With blades as wide as an inch and a half, and hinged handles as long as a foot, these Xinyi (Guangdong) specialty straight razors allow you to literally shave your back and shoulders, in much the way you use a back scrub brush during a shower.

 Shavers Hair Removal in Xinyi (Guangdong) - Female  Shavers Hair Removal in Xinyi (Guangdong) - Male

Best For Which Body Areas ?

Any area of the back, shoulders, or buttocks. Shaving the genital area is possible, but not recommended since a cut in this region could have serious complications.

How Long Does Shavers Hair Removal Take in Xinyi (Guangdong)?

Anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

How Much Does Shavers Cost in Xinyi (Guangdong)?

Under $40, plus additional blades and shaving creams.

Lasting Result?

A few days, at most.